Affiliate program
About affiliate program
An affiliate program is a way to generate additional income for a user by attracting investors.
How is affiliate income generated?
By inviting an investor personally, a registered user receives income from the amount of his investment in the amount of 5%. This is the first level of the affiliate program. In turn, the investor on his behalf also invites new investors. They will already correspond to the second level of the affiliate program. From their deposit, the user will receive an income of 2%. Invited participants by second-level investors will bring the user an income of 1% of their investments and will form the third level of the program.
Thus, the more partners the user will attract, the more income he will receive.
Anyone can become a member of the affiliate program.
In order to invite new participants, you must use the referral link located in your account in the “Partners” tab, as well as advertising banners.
Invite new users and earn interest on their deposits, thus providing yourself with an additional source of income.
Affiliate Program Levels

The affiliate program is represented by three levels.

Receive income without investments.